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Karl Kohlhase - Safe


Another day and night alone
This broken house is not my home
I'm in danger in this place
Four years I've learned to understand
I tremble when you raise your hand
There is hatred in your face
I love you, but I'd leave you
If I knew just where to go
But I am far too small to ever try
And make it on my own

I need to hide away and find a little love
I need to find a safe new shelter from this unrelenting storm
I am frightened and confused
I am torn and I'm abused
And I just need someone to take me in their arms
So take me in your arms

There's Someone watching over you
Who knows just what you're going through
There are angels in this place
And every time you start to cry
Another tear forms in His eye
There is sorrow in His face
Now don't you start to worry
Because Heaven is so far
He has many friends on earth
Who serve to be His open arms

And He says, Come and hide yourself within My love
I will be your shelter, I will calm the raging storm
I was treated badly, too
So now I'm close enough to you
And I will be the One to take you in My arms
I'll take you in my arms
So just lay your little head upon my shoulder
And wrap your arms so tight around my neck
And soak my shirt with tears, we'll cry together
Let it out, Let Him in
You can start to breathe again

When I say, Come and hide yourself within my love
I will be your father, I will take you in my home
You don't have to be afraid
I will keep each promise made
And I will be the one to take you in my arms
Your safe within these arms

Safe within these arms


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