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You're the Lion of Judah


The Lamb that was slain,
You ascended to heaven
And ever more will reign;
At the end of the age
When the earth You reclaim,
You will gather the nations before You.
And the eyes of all men will be
Fixed on the Lamb who was crucified,
For with wisdom and mercy and justice
You'll reign at Your Father's side.

And the angels will cry:
'Hail the Lamb
Who was slain for the world,
Rule in power.'
And the earth will reply:
'You shall reign
As the King of all kings
And the Lord of all lords.'

There's a shield in our hand
And a sword at our side,
There's a fire in our spirit
That cannot be denied;
As the Father has told us,
For these You have died,
For the nations that gather before You.
And the ears of all men need to hear
Of the Lamb who was crucified,
Who descended to hell yet was raised up
To reign at the Father's side.


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