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We adore Thee Jesus


We adore Thee Jesus In This Eucharist
In which now Thou dwellest, as our Sacred Guest
Give us strength and true faith Lord, that we may believe
In this Bread and in this Wine, is Thy life Divine

When we do partake Lord, of this Sacred Bread.
Make us all your temples, pure and sanctified
Grant us Thy Divine Grace Lord that we may be Thine
In this life and ever more, till the end of time.

Though senses perceive not, Thy divinity
Bread and Wine have Thy life, our faith's mystery
Thou began to live in them, when the priest declared
That it is Thy Body Lord, and the Blood Thou shed.

Jesus Lord we thank Thee for this Wondrous Bread
In our midst Thou livest, by Thee we are fed.
We who share this mystery in Thee are made one
Every act we offer Thee, in Thy name is done.


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