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Jesus Is Love - Lionel Richie


Verse 1:
Father, help Your children,
and don’t let them fall by the side of the road.
And teach them to love one another,
that heaven might find
a place in their hearts.

‘Cause Jesus is love,
He won’t let you down.
And I know He’s mine
forever in my heart.

Verse 2:
We’ve got to walk through temptation,
‘cause His love and His wisdom
will be our helpin’ hand.
And I know the truth
and His word will be our salvation;
lift up our hearts
to be thankful and glad.


‘Cause His love’s the power, (power)
His love’s the glory (glory)
Forever (ever and ever);
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Verse 3:
I wanna follow Your star,
wherever it leads me,
and I don’t mind,
Lord, I hope You don’t mind.
I wanna walk with You
,and talk with You,
and do all the things You want me to do

Vamp 1:
Jesus is love, I know,
and if you ask, I’ll show,
love is the word forever.

Vamp 2:
Jesus (3x),
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Anonymous,  June 18, 2010 at 8:36 PM  

This song had to have been given to you by God Almighty because it is soooo... "awesome!" The world needed this song after Adam failed -the first father- and most desperately need it now, as well as, the future! The only problem I found with this song is that it's not long enough, because I want to hear it over & over. I can image "Enoch" (from the bible-who walked with God into eternity) singing this song as he was taken. Many people need to hear how JESUS IS LOVE with his blood covering our PAST our PRESENT & our
FUTURE! Thank you, Brother Lionel!-------Your Sis. In Christ,
B. Hughes (you're invited to my
church or community anytime & bless us with your favored voice).
P.S.-I was told by my doctors to stop singing---you've blessed me so, now preach on in song, brother.

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