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Do This; Remember Me!


Our Lord and His disciples at table were as one,
And Jesus thought of the morrow, His work here nearly done.
With one last night together, they knew not what would be,
But Jesus had one final word:
“Do This; Remember Me!”

Thanksgiving to the Father, an ancient feast made new.
Christ said, “This is My body, My body giv’n for you.”
The holy bread was broken and shared with Jesus’ plea
That His words not be forgotten:
“Do This; Remember Me!”

He took the cup of blessing, the blood of Jesus shed
That all might know forgiveness, received when Jesus bled.
Salvation now available to all on bended knee
Who repent and follow His command:
“Do This; Remember Me!”

Yes, Christ’s command continues to all who serve His Name
To go and make disciples, that all would sing His fame.
And gathered at one table His holy church shall see
Our Master is still calling:
“Do This; Remember Me!”


midway October 21, 2011 at 12:57 AM  

Beautiful , meaningful . Thanks

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