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Mari Mena


1- Amen, Amen, Amen,
Praise the Lord our God and King,
Whose Mother Saint Mary said:

R- Mari Meena, O Mari Meena

2- Amen was the word
Your blessed mother had heard,
As she knelt down and prayed:

3- Amen, Amen, Amen,
Her prayers never went in vain,
This is how you got your name:

4- The fruit of deep prayer,
Ever faithful to his Savior,
Lord, God and Redeemer:

5- You loved God with all your heart,
To your faith you held tight,
With God you would never part:

6- You went through many dreadful pains;
Through the power of the Lord Jesus,
You considered them all gains:

7- Mari Meena the intercessor,
The martyr of our Savior.
Friend of dear Pope Kyrillos.

8- A crown of glory and honor,
A crown of gold and of silver,
On the sweet head of the martyr:


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