God of Queer, Transgressive Spaces


1. God of queer, trans-gress-ive spa-ces:
Lav-ish man-ger, emp-ty tomb,
wine-dark loaves and pre-cious gra-ces
bend our bar-ren lives to bloom.

2. God’s own de-vi-ance is Jes-us:
Born of vir-gin, word made flesh,
dead and bur-ied, and still ris-es?
What ab-norm-al world-li-ness!

3. Thank God for this grave dis-ord-er:
Shroud and sor-row fall un-done;
East-er gar-ments, at whose or-der,
swad-dle the be-lov-ed one?

4. Broth-ers, bind ye to each oth-er,
Sis-ters, too, and have no shame.
Sing with God our Fath-er-Moth-er,
Love that dares now speak its name.

5. With our un-bound* God con-fess-ing:
Turn all frac-ture in-to praise,
be-ne-dic-tion in-to bless-ing,
fab-u-lous and full of days.

Text: copyright 2006 by Edward Moran
Tune: Erie (Converse) by C. C. Converse, 1868


Edward Moran,  May 23, 2011 at 11:48 PM  

I am the author of this hymn text, which was originaly published, with my permission, on the websites of The Hymn Society of America and of the Unitarian Church's "Hymns of the Spirit Three."

I note you deleted the copyright and tune information here.

Please note that the following information must appear whenever this text is published in all formats, electronic or otherwise:

Text: copyright 2006 by Edward Moran
Tune: Erie (Converse) by C. C. Converse, 1868

Thank you,
Edward Moran

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