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On we go to Jerusalem


On we go to Jerusalem
The city if the house of God
Pilgrim people, we seek the Lord:
The Lord of the house of Rock.

Age on age proclaims his praises
Each declares him Lord of all.
Countless millions sing his glory
Answering his pilgrim call.

Peace he promised to our fathers
In the ancient desert land.
Peace he offers in abundance
To his faithful pilgrim band.

All we have is offered in him
As we come to sing his praise.
Blessed is the Lord of heaven.
Mighty God of all our days.

Come into the Holy City;
See the table now being spread;
In this place so large and furnished,
Eat of this passover bread.

Jesus set a clear example,
washing his disciple's feet.
If the Lord went out in service,
We must now his work complete.

Jesus said, "Love one another.
This indeed is my command".
And he told of Love's great measure,
From the cross with outstretched arms.


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