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Holy Spirit, Love Divine


1. Ho-ly Spir-it, Love Di-vine,
glow with-in this heart of mine;
Kind-le eve-ry high de-sire;
cleanse my soul in your pure fire.

2. Ho-ly Spir-it, Light Di-vine,
shine up-on this heart of mine;
As the night soon fades a-way,
turn my thoughts toward your new day.

3. Ho-ly Spir-it, Peace Di-vine,
still this rest-less heart of mine;
Speak to calm the toss-ing sea,
stayed in your tran-quil-i-ty.

4. Ho-ly Spir-it, Power Di-vine,
lift this guil-ty heart of mine;
May the mark be missed no more,
though each soul has failed be-fore.

5. Ho-ly Spir-it, Joy Di-vine,
cheer this sad-dened heart of mine;
Bid my troub-led thoughts be still,
with your peace my spir-it fill.

6. Ho-ly Spir-it, All Di-vine,
dwell with-in this heart of mine;
Cast down eve-ry i-dol high,
reign su-preme, a-bide e'er nigh. A-men


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